Let’s Start

After several years of working in corporate sales, being stuck behind a desk staring hours my screen, I feel that we all need a break. Let’s start by getting inspired by travel stories!

I am building this blog for the explorers or want to be explores; for the ones who cannot stand the monotonous life and need an escape or have already shifted their life “on the road”!

I am a big fan on getting inspired by other people’s trips:  Decided to wake up one day, pack a bag and travel from Denmark to Istanbul, on a bike.  Was too scared to travel alone, but said F it and went to Thailand for 2 weeks and left everything behind. And Of course also the digital nomads or the backpackers who have been away from home for months or years.

What has driven you to do this? Where are you now? How do you feel about the decision you made?

Let’s share our stories and pictures of places traveled, learn more about each other and get inspired.

To share your stories and pics, send me a message or leave a comment